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  • Information for SWGMDI Committee Chairs

    Prepared by Randy Hanzlick, MD

    September 14, 2012

    Note: The SWGMDI plans to adopt the new standard SWG bylaws put forth by the Standards,  Practices, and Protocols Interagency Working Group (SPPIWG)  operating under the guidance of the Whitehouse Subcommittee on Forensic Science (SoFS).The guidelines below are based on the new bylaws.

    1) Committees and their membership are established by the SWGMDI Chair when needed.

    2) The Chair (Presiding Officer) of a Committee is appointed by the SWGMDI Chair.

    3) The Presiding Officer of a Committee is expected to do the following:

    · Manage activities of the Committee

    · Nominate members and/or advisors for appointment to the Committee, said nominees needing approval by the SWGMDI Chair

    · Schedule Committee meetings and prepare Committee meeting agendas

    · Maintain minutes and records of Committee meetings, forwarding them to the Secretary

    · Act as spokesperson for the Committee

    · Forward draft documents and other work products to the SWGMDI Secretary who will forward them to the membership

    · Ensure adherence to deadlines established by the SWGMDI Board or Executive Committee

    4) When preparing work products which will undergo public review and comment, there is a predictable sequence of events and time table with which Presiding Officers of Committees should be familiar and comply:

    a) The Committee produces a draft work product in accordance with a set deadline as per the SWGMDI Strategic Plan. The draft must have been approved by a simple majority vote of the Committee members and advisors (advisors may vote on committee issues only) in order to be submitted to the SWGMDI Board via the Secretary

    b) Upon the Committee’s majority vote approval, the draft product is forwarded to the SWGMDI Secretary at least 14 days prior to the ensuing SWGMDI Board Meeting, and the Secretary will then forward the draft to the SWGMDI Board and post it on the SWGMDI website at least 10 days prior to the ensuing SWGMDI Board meeting

    c) At its meeting, the SWGMDI Board reviews and evaluates the draft. By simple majority vote, the Board may approve the document as a “Draft for Comment”  (a “PRC” document with title and PRC#)

    d) If approved, the Secretary will post the document on the SWGMDI website for a public review and comment period of 60 days unless the review period is extended by the SWGMDI Chair for a valid reason.

    e) If the draft is not approved for public comment, the Committee will re-address the document in accordance with the SWGMDI Board’s review recommendations.

    f) When the comment period ends, the Committee’s Presiding Officer will arrange for the Committee to review and address all comments which are received.

    g) The Presiding Officer will prepare a report, using a standard format developed  by the SWGMDI Board,  which contains all comments received and the Committee’s response to each of them.

    h) The “Draft for Comment” document will then be revised by the Committee as needed based on the comments received.

    i) The revised draft is then processed as outlined in steps a-c above, after which time the SWGMDI will evaluate the revised draft and decide by 2/3  majority vote decide whether to publish the product as an “Approved Document” or work on it further as a “Revised Draft for Comment” following steps d- I above.

    5) Draft documents for comment, and reports, shall carry titles that describe their content. Each draft document should also clearly indicate whether it is to be considered as a standard, guideline, best practice, study, or other recommendation and/or finding.

    6) Finalized documents that have undergone public review and comment require a comment report posted on the SWGMDI website. The comment report will be prepared by the Presiding Officer and Committee using a standard format prepared by the SWGMDI Board. The Presiding Officer will submit the report to the Secretary within 2 weeks of the documents final approval, at which time the Secretary will post the finalized report and comment summary document on the SWGMDI website.

    7) The SWGMDI Board will decide by majority vote if a given work product requires a public review and comment period.

    8) Other duties of Committee Presiding Officers include:

    · Ensuring that all committee members and advisors are receiving material being developed or reviewed by the committee, and the each committee member has an opportunity to participate and provide comment

    · Notify the SWGMDI Vice-Chair if a given committee member or advisor is not participating or is being disruptive


  • Advisory Member Access to
    • You are not required to give your Advisory Members access to the site, but if you want or need to, here is the username and the password for ALL advisory members
    • username: swgmdiam  (all small case)
    • password: advisorymem (all small case)
    • Advisory Members must agree and promise to that Committee's Chair that they will not provide the username and password to anyone else and that they will not forward information in the members only section to anyone else unless instructed to do so by the Committee Chair.
  • Adding new advisory members
    • collect their CV and completed COI form
    • send the request with their CV and COI form to the Chair for approval




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